sd2iec file dump

Welcome to the official dumping ground for sd2iec firmware releases. You can pick your poison from the list below. Normal users will only need the sd2iec-<version> file, developers may be interested in the source tarball.

You can find previous releases in the Obsolete versions subdirectory and there is a collection of bootloaders in various stages of disrepair in the other subdirectory. Be warned that a newer date in the name of a bootloader archive doesn't always imply that it works better (or at all).

Unfortunately there is still no usable manual for the software, but there is a badly structured, very non-informative README included in the archive and a few people have added information to the sd2iec page on the C64 wiki.

If you're interested in the up-to-date development source code, try the git web interface for browsing or use git clone to get a local copy of the repository. There are also automated builds of the development sources in the nightlies subdirectory.

In the unlikely event that you'd want to throw something of monetary value in my general direction, take a look at the wish lists on, and/or

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]3rd party tools/24-Nov-2012 18:41 -  
[DIR]Hardware/22-Jul-2013 16:23 -  
[DIR]Obsolete versions/20-Oct-2014 01:14 -  
[DIR]bootloader/29-Jun-2015 10:35 -  
[DIR]nightlies/04-May-2016 02:49 -  
[DIR]testfiles/30-Sep-2012 18:53 -  
[   ]carddiag-5.zip23-Mar-2008 19:47 55K 
[   ]crcgen-new.exe09-Mar-2008 12:36 6.0K 
[   ]downgrader-sw2.zip24-Mar-2008 13:19 385  
[   ] 00:50 16K 
[   ]fakeroms.zip11-Oct-2010 19:59 536  
[TXT]m2itopc64.c01-Jan-2011 14:32 3.5K 
[   ]sd2iec-current-binaries.zip04-May-2016 02:49 465K 
[   ]sd2iec-current-sources.tar.gz04-May-2016 02:49 291K 
[   ]tapplay-0.0.1.zip13-Apr-2009 21:14 30K 
[   ]tapplay-0.1.0-sw2.zip21-Aug-2009 16:58 22K 
[TXT] 16:58 835  
[   ]tapplay-0.1.0.zip21-Aug-2009 16:58 75K 
[TXT] 16:58 835